How To Rank At The Top Of The App Store

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Countless hours and a considerable amount of money have been spent on developing your application. You prepare all the assets for publishing on the App Store and excitedly send your app into the review process in the hope that it is finished as soon as possible, so it can go live. But then, disappointment.


Once your application is live it receives a couple of downloads, but not nearly as much as expected. And this continues the next few days, until the days turn into weeks and weeks into months… It’s a problem that is shared by many publishers, not just yourself. Research shows that 99% of the applications found in the App Store are unprofitable. Everyone wants to release the next Flappy Bird or Clash of Clans, but most people that take up this endeavor go about it without any real strategy.

A study called Apptentive revealed that 63% of applications are discovered by users browsing the App Store. Why is this relevant for us? It tells us that ASO is incredibly important, but also that our application must appear in places that are most often visited by users. The most prominent of these places are various Top charts, specifically the Top Free chart, because, who doesn’t want a free app?

Despite Apple’s secrecy concerning their ranking algorithm, many case studies that reveal certain elements of it have appeared since its inception. These studies show that in order to secure a place among the Top 10 on the Top Free chart in the US, an application must have 72.000 downloads in a single day. A lot isn’t it? If you wanted to secure these downloads on Facebook, where the average CPI in the US is $1.64, it would cost you a staggering $118.000 per day!

Because we know the App Store like the back of our hand and because we live for mobile marketing, we have created a product called Chart Boost that will launch your application into the Top Charts of any country you desire for a considerably smaller sum of money. In fact, our product is so inexpensive that most middle sized companies dealing with application development and publishing can afford it. Besides that we are also great in accommodating the wishes of our customer, so don’t hesitate and contact us!

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